Galaxy of Complexity

Looking for a path to the road

Beads of sweat, appear quiet, contained

Ready to explode.

Hypertension wire

Inner fire

Balancing act at the funeral pyre

Soup du jour

I’m sure you know

I’m sure you hear

The talking heads while you sit in bed

African kidnappings, beheadings, Isis, never ending crisis

Of humanity, Ukraine and we crane our necks

At the accident on the other side.

Suicide suburban moms on a sunny day

What’s left to say that hasn’t already been said?

No knowledge or reality

The angst of finality

Purity, surety of the one next to me

Depression sets in when survival

Isn’t a necessity

Keeping faith on an angry planet

Nobody could plan it on the day you were

Born. I believe I’m not the only one in a lonely world

and a galaxy of complexity


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